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  1. spiritusfame    Spiritus - a message of love 


    Inspiral are delighted to be invited to launch Spiritus, a new channelled modality, by its Ambassador, Ryan Saunders. 

    Ryan has known for some time that there was something "big" lurking around the corner for him in spiritual terms, and after visiting Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, he finally found that path. During meditation there, he was honoured to meet Lady Sarah.  Lady Sarah works very closely with the Magdalene, the divine feminine and the Christ energy, the divine Masculine; thus creating balance and unity. Her history is one shrouded in mystery and mythology. She initially worked with Ryan channelling various essential pieces of information to him, and then began working with him on symbols, which would form the basis of Spiritus

    Lady Sarah works with the Pink Flame of Truth, which enables people to see love where it has previously been hidden from them. She and Ryan also work with other Ascended Masters and Archangels, bringing their own flames and symbols.

    Spiritus is a beautiful message of love, hope and peace, and brings with it a powerful healing energy that is aimed, not only at the client, but also at the therapist and the world as a whole. Rarely, if ever, have I seen anything that makes such perfect sense, is so accessible, and instilled such a feeling of love and peace in my self, purely from reading the manual to proof read it. 

    We are launching Spiritus with our Greater Powers circle initially, and will be then expanding it, and taking on others as soon as possible. Please look out for this wonderful new concept - it will be the greatest move you have ever made ! 





  2. INSPIRAL HOLISTIC - Yet another opening for Inspiral Mediums

    By:Jay Gage
    Date: Fri,05 Jun 2015

    Many of you will be aware of Essex-based Inspiral Mediums, who hit the spiritual world six years ago with their own special blend of outstanding spiritual teaching at significantly reduced prices. 

    Initially, as the name would suggest, they taught all aspects of mediumship, psychic work, meditation - everything you would need to develop as a successful medium. Soon afterwards, they added Reiki 1 and 2 training at just £65, along with Masters for as little as £100, Angelic Rahanni and Reikara again for just £65.

    It cannot be avoided, their pricing did cause a degree of unrest in the market, but as their founder, Jay Gage, says - "If I can run Reiki or Reikara for £65, hire a room, pay my tutor, and insurance, and still have enough left over for me, then people out there are making a LOT of money ! We are in it to help those who could not usually afford to train to get onto their spiritual path"

    As Inspiral "grew like Topsy" - more branches sprang up - Inspiral Journeys, for day trips and retreats, Inspiral Healing - for their very own healing modality and Federation, Inspiral Magic - for the pagan path, and many more. 

    Now, there is a fantastic new branch - Inspiral Holistics. This is one of the most exciting things to have happened to Inspiral since they opened. Two superb tutors, Lynne Akers and Carol Barrett, both extensively trained to teach at the best level, and bringing with them an absolute wealth of therapy opportunities. 

    And even better, both ladies subscribed to the ethical business concept of Inspiral's pricing, therefore staggering the market by providing fully certificated, authorised for insurance purposes courses, that simply cannot be matched elsewhere.

    Just a taster of the courses currently running are :

    Hopi Ear Candling £65
    Indian Head Massage £65
    Hot Stone Massage £65
    Reflexology £130
    Thai Massage £65
    Thai Hand and Foot Massage £65
    Colour Therapy £65
    Acu Sound Therapy £65
    EFT (Tapping) £65
    And far too many more to list.

    If this taster gets your juices flowing, why not check out our website ?
    However many courses sell out before even reaching the site, via our facebook page, which is at Jay Ann Gage (Inspiral Mediums)

    Now is the time to get trained - start that business - treat those clients - be Inspired !