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  1. Inspiral are delighted to be working in conjunction with the Toby Carvery restaurant chain to bring great nights of mediumship to their clients !

    We currently run "Dinner With ..." evenings at three Essex based Toby restaurants, the Festival Leisure Park in Basildon, The Moby Dick in Romford, and the Bell on the A127 to Southend.

    Our first evening, which was at Basildon, featured the fantastic Daniel Pitt. We sold out of tickets very quickly, clearly this was a niche that we could fill. After several more successful evenings there (Eddie Morgan, Lorraine Goodfellow, and Debbie Dean the Psychic Artist) we started to expand, and took on two more of the restaurants.

    We have some exciting events lined up for them, Debbie Dean opens the A127 Bell for us in April with her great blend of mediumship and psychic art. and the amazing Becs is opening the Moby Dick for us in March

    We also have Daniel Pitt returning to Basildon in March, and the fantastically gifted Hazel Lee will be there in April.

    These are great evenings - you enjoy a two course meal, (traditional carvery plus delicious desserts) in a private dining area, and then are entertained by some of the most prestigious mediums on the circuit.

    I know that the mediums we have lined up for you are, without doubt, some of the most accurate and evidential in Britain. Whichever date you choose, you will be blown away by a really great evening. Book now via Jay to make sure you dont miss out ! All tickets are £25.00

    22nd March at the Moby Dick - Becs

    29th March at the Basildon site - Daniel Pitt

    5th April at the A127 Bell - Debbie Dean Psychic Artist

    26th April at the Basildon site - Hazel Lee

    tobydanContact Jay to book your tickets now ! 

  2. Sleep Disturbance and Spiritual Growth


    Many of us on a Spiritual path complain of sleep disturbance. This could be insomnia (yes, I am writing this at gone 1.30am), too much sleep, or simply just poor quality sleep, where you can be out like a light, but just don’t seem to benefit from it. 

    Those having these issues should take a look at their Spiritual world for potential answers. I believe that sleep anomalies tend to happen most when we are undergoing an energy shift, or an “upgrade” as I prefer to call them. 

    These upgrades ping into your consciousness at any random time, but often prefer to hang around until you are at your most receptive – ie tucked up in bed, relaxed, and not distracted by day to day activity.

    Having managed to ping – they then bed themselves in for some good old fashioned housework – building themselves a nice little niche from where they can impart their knowledge. They do not have any conscience about disturbing your rest – their sole purpose is to upgrade, and help you along your Spiritual path.

    So what can we do about them ? First of all, we have to accept and welcome them. They may feel like unwanted intruders at this point in the game, but we really do need the wisdom and information that they are downloading for us – albeit in an unforgiving manner. 

    It may be that, in this acceptance, we just give up and get up, rather than trying to battle with them in your bed. This solution does of course assume that your time is your own, but even with the 9-5, I used to find getting up and being constructive (note to self NOT hoovering as rest of household are not sharing your experience !) meant that at least I was not exhausted at work in that groggy manner typical of a bedtime battle with sleep.

    It may also be that the times that “normal” people class as sleep time are just not natural to you. We are all programmed with our own specific needs and purpose, and that includes the need for sleep. By battling against your body’s own setting, and trying to align yourself with the “standard” you can be lining yourself up in a whole lot of trouble.

    Also don’t forget that the wee small hours are often those at which our psychic ability kicks in – as it is quiet, and you can concentrate. Keep a special journal for the night – where you can jot down all thoughts and impressions – this can make fascinating reading further down the line, when upgrades are completed and documented.

    Finally, don’t forget to read, or gather information from any source that may help you with your sleeplessness. We have studied the subject of sleeplessness, and there are things you can do to help you on a holistic level. Check out the workshop at the end of this article for more information on these natural approaches.

    But over and above all, try to accept your sleep invaders for what they are – and learn from their visits. Remember – they are part of what makes you “special” !