Meet Your Guides with Jay Gage

Meet Your Guides with Jay Gage


Meet Your Guides with Jay Gage

*Exclusive to Inspiral* 

Meet Your Guide with Jay Gage 

Come and join Inspiral's Jay Gage, and her Guide, Brian, as they teach you her refreshingly down to earth approach to guides and helpers from the Spirit Realm.
Meet your guide, reconnect if you already know them, and learn to blend with this wonderful energy and lifelong friend.

During this workshop, you will understand what Guides are - and what they are not

How to blend with your Guides energy and how to involve them in your day to day work

Meeting with them, and making a special connection that you can revisit any time you wish

How to work with them when you are working with Spirit

This course now includes a group hypnosis session, which enables you to meet your Guide and gain simple answers to difficult questions. 

All students will be asked to complete a basic permission form at the beginning of the day

Date : 30th of September
Venue : Grays cabin
Price : £25 

Quantity:  at  £25.00  each

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