New Moon Gong Bath

New Moon Gong Bath


New Moon Gong Bath

Inspiral are delighted to welcome Alexis Meachan and her Gong baths to Grays. Once seated behind the large gong, Alexis almost cannot be seen - and you can imagine the waves of sound it produces ! 

She also plays a variety of smaller gongs, bells, drums, chimes, flutes etc. and the combined sound waves from them to wash over your body, clearing blockages, aligning Chakras, and addressing stress and dis-ease.

You will be lying on the floor of the big hall in Grays, and should bring along yoga mats, duvets, pillows, whatever makes you comfortable. Wheelchair users and the disabled can remain seated. 

Please make every effort to experience this incredible wall of sound - and see what it can do for you !

Date : 8th of August

Price : £18.00

Time : 8pm 

Quantity:  at  £18.00  each

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