Living with Angels - with Ryan Saunders

Living with Angels - with Ryan Saunders



Inspiral are delighted to welcome popular medium Ryan Saunders as he draws you into the world of Angels.

Ryan has worked with the Angeic Realms for years, and is keen to impart their knowledge to you !  

In the workshop you will be taught how to identlfy your own Guardian Angel, and how to build a strong relationship with him/her. Once you have made contact with them, you can ask for divine intervention at any time should you feel threatened or at risk.

Angels are around us all the time, but are forbidden to interfere in the affairs of humans unless we specifically ask for their help. So calling on your Angels to help you results in a really strong rush of energy passing through the situation and putting things to rights.

You will learn all about the different Angels, who they are and what their alliances are. You will likely experience quite an emotional connection as they make their presence made, so be prepared ! 

You will learn how to incorporate the Angel energy into your magical life, they are often the ones gently moving things along toward a favourable decision for you  

You will learn about Angel cards. and how to make an Angel altar !

And lots more !

Tutor  - Ryan Saunders

Date : 26th August

Venue : Grays Cabin

Price : £30.00



Quantity:  at  £30.00  each

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