Hypnosis Practitioner - Level 2

Hypnosis Practitioner - Level 2


Hypnosis Practitioner  - Level 2




Inspiral are delighted yet again to be welcoming Chris Gillies, and his impressive training courses to qualify you as a hypnotist. 

Do you want to learn how to hypnotise people safely and ethically? Welcome to level 2 !

This two day course is for everybody, from the complete novice to the seasoned hypnotherapist.

We are going to turn you into a Hypnotist. It will enable participants to gain a practical ‘hands-on’ understanding of Hypnosis – i.e. what it is and how it can be used effectively as a ‘tool’ for help and development of others. This is where you learn the process 

This is where you will learn to carry out popular client requests, dealing with fears and phobias, eating disorders, and giving up smoking. 

Your 2 day course will start with a talk about hypnosis, what it is, how it works & what we can do with it. Giving you the understanding of key principles, that you will need in order for you to be able to create hypnotic states in others. You will learn the mind model, pre-talks for inductions and learn about ab-reactions.

You will then move onto learning, Convincers & Suggestibility tests, these are techniques and skills you need to be able to demonstrate and use hypnosis, any place, any where, any time…. and of course, how you can adapt them to become inductions. you will then practice on the other delegates…….you know what they say practice makes perfect, and in a controlled environment it is the prime opportunity to use your new skills and perfect the technique.

You will then move onto learning how to induce and deepen the trance state, quickly and safely. You will be taught standard inductions and others that can be conducted in less than a couple of minutes. Once you have been shown how to do it, its your turn…

This course is being held at the Campanile Hotel in Dartford.

Dates 25th and 26th November 

Price on Chris's website is  £299.00 - now on offer via Inspiral just £250



Quantity:  at  £250.00  each

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