A Day of Trance with Paul and Clair

A Day of Trance with Paul and Clair


A Day of Trance with Paul and Clair

This is a fantastic day course covering the art of trance within spirituality and healing. 

Our two tutors are greatly liked and respected by Inspiral clients, and they are combining their talents to bring you a truly awesome event !

The day will start with a discussion of the history of Trance, and what it can be used for.

We will then use Hemi Synch music and trance meditation to get you into that state of altered conscienceness required to move into trance Work. Hemi Synch uses binaural beats to merge the two sides of your brain, leading to deep relaxation. This will help you to use music as a key to get into trance on an ongoing basis.

We will then start our journey through many aspects of trance work, including :

Trance and your Guides - journey to meet your Guides and work with them in a trance state. 

Trance dance to release inhibitors (no ability needed) 

Trance healing - learn to give healing via trance, and also learn how to use trance to open your energies to other healing modalities.

This is a fantastic workshop for those interested in Trance as a concept, and, importantly, to use in Trance Healing  

date : 28th October 

venue : Toby Carvery Basildon 

price : £35.00 

Quantity:  at  £35.00  each

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