Spiritus - a Message of Love

Spiritus - a Message of Love


Spiritus - a Message of Love
Would you like to learn a healing modality ?
One based on love, one that has simple instructions, but is amazingly effective ?
One that is approved for insurance and recognised as a qualification ? Take a look at Spiritus !
Spiritus is a new healing concept, that was channelled to Ryan Saunders at Chalice Well in Glastonbury by the Ascended Being of Light, Lady Sarah. She entrusted him with the task of bringing it to the Earth Plane, and later visited him again to impart more knowledge.
The result is quite an astonishing method of healing. Even just flipping through the manual gave me a deep feeling of love and peace. 
The therapy, like Reiki, is based around a series of symbols, but there the similarity ends. 
The symbols are basic, to the point of being almost child-like, but they are incredibly powerful, and their simplicity make them easy to remember and to use.
The method relies heavily on being based on a vibration of love, and this certainly comes through to both client and practitioner, it is a lovely energy to work with.
The course is a qualification, so is priced at £65, to include your manual and certificate. 
Spaces are limited so please book in now ! 
Saturday 23rd of September 1.30-5.30
Venue  - The Cabin in  Grays

Quantity:  at  £65.00  each

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