Reiki Level 1 with Paul Miles

Reiki Level 1 with Paul Miles


Reiki Level 1 with Paul Miles


Welcome to your Reiki Journey with Inspiral and Paul Miles​.
This course gives you the opportunity to develop your Reiki healing in line with new guidelines from the Reiki Federation which are essential for insurance purposes. These will be in effect from the start of 2018.

It has also given us the opportunity to build in additional segments to our existing course.
You can either start from scratch with us at level 1 onwards. or if you already have some levels, hop aboard with us at the relevant stage on production of your certificates.

Level One is for all - anyone interested in energy healing is welcome to join us at this stage.

Dates : 24th/25th February
Price : £130.00

Level One is a 2-day course that lays out the foundation of Reiki in line with current guidelines coming into effect from 2018

The course will give an introduction to the history and theory of Reiki, and includes many practical exercises to boost the confidence of the students.

Students will be given 3 attunements

At the end of the course, students should be able to feel the flow of Reiki, and be able to give treatments to family, friends & Pets, as well as using it for themselves - for Self healing and personal development.

The courses are taught in a relaxed style, with plenty of time for questions, and to get to know the other students. You find that many friendships are formed from these Reiki Courses

The course will cover:

Day 1
The Reiki history
What is healing?
What is energy?
See, feel, and work with Auras
The Chakra system
The Kanji Hand Positions
Attunement 1 to start the flow of Reiki
The Body & Endocrine System
The 21-day clearing process
Attunement 2
Questions - Answers

Day 2

Attunement 3
The hand positions
How to conduct a Reiki self treatment
How to give a Reiki treatment to others
Treating pets and animals
Treating plants and objects
Giving Reiki to situations
The Reiki Principles
Using Reiki in daily life

Welcome to your Reiki Journey.


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