Reiki Level 2 with Paul Miles

Reiki Level 2 with Paul Miles


Reiki Level 2 with Paul Miles
With Inspiral and Paul Miles
This course gives you the tools required to become a Reiki Practitioner
The course introduces Reiki symbols, and will give you the deeper meaning behind them. You will be able to get Practitioner insurance, and start your own practice if you wish.
During the day,  you will receive Level 2 attunements
The Reiki Symbols
using the symbols in a self treatment
using the symbols when treating others
body scanning
Chakra balancing
using Reiki for personal growth
meditation practices
sending a distant treatment
sending reiki to all situations
how to give a reiki treatment
starting a Reiki practice
short revision of Reiki 1 knowledge
Reiki Share Practise
Manual and Certification on completion
Date 6th July 
Venue Grays Cabin
price £70



Quantity:  at  £70.00  each

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