House Cleansing and Blessing with Jay Gage

House Cleansing and Blessing with Jay Gage


House Cleansing and Blessing with Jay Gage

How often do you walk into a room and "feel" that something isnt right ? Does your workplace feel stagnant - and no, its not the boss !  Have you heard of "sick building syndrome"? Have you encountered a series of minor problems, that all seem to happen when you are in certain place ?

Maybe you need to "clean" your space !

Many places can store negative or simply uncomfortable energy that can bring a feeling of discomfort - or worse - to their inhabitants. From old energies belonging to previous tenants, to spirit or elemental activities - all can join together in making a place feel unpleasant or draining.

This workshop, run by Inspiral's Jay Gage, will show you how to rectify these issues and make your space a calm and pleasant place to be. These techniques, which require little or no materials, will demonstrate a dramatic change, which will be immediately obvious.

From elements found in Feng Shui, to Crystal Healing, Earth Magic, Hoodoo, all are here to help you bring light and happiness back to your space. We will also learn how to protect your space from environmental stress, and from negative energy of others.

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Date : 10th February

Place : Grays Cabin

Price : £30.00

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