Feng Shui for Beginners - Grays

Feng Shui for Beginners - Grays


Feng Shui for Beginners - Grays

Feng Shui is a Chinese system aimed at creating synergy and harmony between people and their environment. It can help to improve your wealth, health, and of course good ol' love ! And best of all, in the main, its free ! 

By applying knowledge of Feng Shui, you can dramatically change your life for the better. There is no need to start moving around heavy lumps of furniture, or knocking down walls to "help the Chi" ... in this workshop we keep it real, and instead, work out remedies for poor areas, and strategically place small items to help to bring a beautiful postive and happy feeling to your home and office.

During the course, you will draw up a chart of your home, and learn all you need to know to encourage harmonious Chi, and welcome love, luck and happiness through your door.

Jay Gage has been studying and working with Feng Shui for approximately 8 years She developed Inspiral using the philosophies of Feng Shiu, and is happy to share her knowledge with you.

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Date : 3rd March

Venue : Grays Cabin

Price : £30.00

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