Colours and Auras - Qualification to Practice !

Colours and Auras - Qualification to Practice !


Colours and Auras - Qualification to Practice !


Welcome to our latest course with Inspiral's popular tutor - Denise Arnold.

During the course of this workshop you will learn all about the use of colour in a healing environment. We all know about how colour can affect our daily lives, the choice of your morning clothes represents more than simply a fashion statement, it also tells the world who you are, and sometimes - to keep away ! 

Prisons employ certain colors to calm aggressive prisoners, whereas nurseries are kitted out in soft, soothing shades.

This workshop will also take you through the wonderful vibrations of different colours and how they may be used for healing.

The Aura also refects our colours - a powerful message for those perceptive enough to read them. We will show you how to tap into that "Ready Brek glow" to help to understand the person you are with, and accordingly how to behave with them. in order to best develop a bond.

Colour plays such an important role in our lives, all Lightworkers should have an understanding of this in order to provide a holistic approach to their clients, and to employ it in a healing capacity. 

Tutor : Denise Arnold

Date : 12th October

Venue :  Romford

Price : £70.00 - includes manual and certificate of qualification to practice.


Quantity:  at  £70.00  each

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