Crystal Sound Bath Experience

Crystal Sound Bath Experience


Crystal Sound Bath Experience

Come and experience a state of total relaxation at Inspiral’s Crystal Bowl Sound Bath. Run by renowned tutor and qualified meditation tutor, Colin Wyatt, we happily welcome him to Inspiral’s Tribe ! 

An International EFT Practitioner, International Law of Attraction Expert, Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healer, Author, and Inspirational Speaker. Colin Wyatt is also a Qualified Meditation Teacher, Life Coach & Natural Energy Healer.

Submerge yourself into a beautiful and tranquil ocean of healing sound including chakra crystal singing bowls, a Tibetan gong and Tibetan singing bowl.  All you need to do is lay back and allow these wonderful relaxing vibrations to wash over you, taking you away into a place of total inner peace and calm.

Just £15pp OR when taken with the Meditation, £25pp for the two

Please bring anything you might need to be extra comfortable (blanket/cushion, duvet etc).

Tuesday the 13th November

Belmont Hall, Parker Rd, Grays 

Quantity:  at  £15.00  each

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