Evening of Mediumship and Dinner

Evening of Mediumship and Dinner


Evening of Mediumship and Dinner

Inspiral would like to welcome you to one of our favourite evenings - please join us for an intimate evening with dinner and messages from the Spirit world. 

Enjoy a two course dinner, with messages from from medium Ryan Saunders. Ryan's aim is to give information, clarity and guidance as well as healing and closure to those who seek it.He only ever delivers messages in a positive manner

You might hear from someone whom you miss very much. You may also receive important information about yourself. You will most certainly enjoy a delicious dinner and great conversation with those around you!

There will be as many messages given as time allows and whilst we cant guarantee one for everyone, you are assured of an exciting evening of discovery! 

26th February

Grays Beach Cafe

Price - £20

Audience kept deliberately down to 25 people to ehance your chances of getting a reading !

Quantity:  at  £20.00  each

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