Palmistry with Gail Hart

Palmistry with Gail Hart


Palmistry with Gail Hart

This is a great new workshop with Inspiral and Gail Hart ! Cross my palm with silver and let’s see what’s happening this year with a fresh look at your hands ! 

Learn how to decipher your clients life by looking at the shape and size of the hands and the lines and mounds and the planetary associations. You can tell a lot about someone just by their palms and fingers, and gauge whether they are in the right job or are even a good lover!

As we know, the police use fingerprints to identify offenders - no coincidence, as no two sets are the same. The unique nature of your hand prints, left at a crime scene, makes for a pretty iron cast indictment!

Lots of fun in this small friendly group, so book now asap, by using the following link ! 

Date : Sat 15th June xxx

Price : £30

Venue : Grays Cabin

Quantity:  at  £30.00  each

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