Unlock Your Psychic Ability !

Unlock Your Psychic Ability !


Unlock Your Psychic Ability !

This is a great workshop for beginners, and those with a little experience (intermediate) ! 

Welcome to our psychic workshop, where you will use a variety of tools, and play games to learn what is psychic and what is not, how to feel psychic energy, how to interpret it when we feel it, and learn the different ways it comes to us.

We will activate your latent psychic ability, helping you to interpret the 'just knowing' 

A psychic ability can be very confusing, yet exciting, when you first experience it. This workshop will help you to understand how to harness your psychic energy and use it to give readings, know what direction to take in life, people to embrace, and those to avoid and much much more ! 

It will be a fun light hearted day with lots of learning, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and really be part of the workshop. 

Date : 23rd November

Venue : The Cabin, Grays

Price : £30.00

Quantity:  at  £30.00  each

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