An Evening With Ouija !

An Evening With Ouija !


An Evening With Ouija !

How many of you have seen films where Ouija Boards are used to summon up demons, possess people, or generally cause all sorts of Mayhem ?

Well, it doesn't have to be like that ! 

Come along to our mini-workshop on the Ouija Board, run by Inspiral's Jay Gage, where you will learn all about the history behind the board, and what it all means !

Once you have found out the theory it's time to put it into practice, so you will have the opportunity to use the boards with the supervision of experienced mediums/board users, to ensure you get the best results you can !

Whilst we are confident of the safety of the board, for insurance purposes, we cannot admit anyone under 18yrs old.

To book, either go via this website, or direct to Jay.

Venue : Grays Cabin

Date.   : 17th March 8-10.30pm

Price. :  £15 

Quantity:  at  £15.00  each

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