Private Parties - Magickal Parties


You’ve experienced the Psychic Parties, you’ve let yourselves be pampered at the Indulgence Evenings and now it’s time for something new!
Magickal Parties from Inspiral are here!

We’ve taken the best bits of the magickal realm and combined them to offer you an evening of enjoyment, fun, spiritual insight and most of all… magickal workings.
All you need to do is tell us what you want to do at your party, from our pre-defined list, and we’ll then tailor the evening to your needs! Simple!

Activities Available: (Choose up to 3)

Candle Magick Herbal Pouches  Elixirs & Potions 
Crystal Magick  Aura Sprays  House Blessing 
Magickal Oils  Witches Runes  Runic Magick 
Power Animals  Spirit Guides  Healing with Herbs 
Witches Balls  Basic Spellcasting  Herbal Apothecary 
Astrology  Palmistry   Incense Making





Minimum requirement of 6 participants per party.
£30 per person OR - £40 per person if including Herbal Apothecary as an activity!

If you are interested in booking a Magickal Party, please complete the contact form below. Please note that this does NOT guarantee your booking. Someone will contact you to discuss your requirements and confirm your party.


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