Many clients and tutors have taken the time to give us feedback on our events. To those that have, thank you! For more reasons why people choose Inspiral, read on...

 “Jay Gage of Inspiral Mediums made us feel very welcome. Her event was well organised and she was really easy to work with. I’d happily work with her again and would highly recommend her as a workshop organiser.”
Jacky Newcomb, ‘The Angel Lady’, Sunday Times Best-Selling Author - Tutor

" Inspiral Mediums - great Tutors, great price and you always meet lovely like minded people. No egos and you walk away on a high after a great time. I've recommended Inspiral Mediums to so many people and will carry on doing so. I complete all my workshops and therapy courses with them and will carry on doing so :-) Thank you Inspiral :-)"
Dawn Artley - Client

'Teaching with Inspiral has been a fantastic experience for me. I am allowed to 'do my own thing' in terms of the way I run workshops/seminars. There is no red tape and no regulations to conform to. I know the students benefit from this way of teaching because I can be myself and they can see the total truth of my beliefs - warts and all!

I feel many organisations could take a leaf out of Jay's book and be a little more free-thinking where the tuition of spiritual subjects is concerned'
Litz Butcher, Inspiral Tutor 

'I was introduced to Inspiral via a friend as I wanted to develop myself spiritually and meet with like minded people. I have attended numerous workshops which have always been both enlightening and uplifting.

The cost of all the workshops has always surprised me as it has always been very inexpensive compared to others I have researched, yet the quality of the teaching has been second to none 

I have also attended a number of paranormal investigations, one for a whole weekend at an active hotel. Having been on investigations with another local group I was absolutely amazed at my experience with Inspiral. I was totally looked after from start to finish and all the Mediums involved were totally respectful to spirit, something which impressed me.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Inspiral. Affordable excellence. Developing yourself spiritually without costing the earth.'
Laura Rice, Client

'I have been working with Inspiral as a tutor for over a year now. What I love about Inspiral Mediums is that its a friendly and supportive environment for people to learn. Newcomers are always welcomed. As a tutor I have had flexibility to introduce my own ideas for workshops. I love the fact that there is no ego amongst tutors and students - everyone works from the heart. I just wish I lived closer so I could attend more of the workshops myself. The low cost of the workshops is unusual in this industry but the quality of the courses is in no way compromised as a result. Well done Inspiral Mediums.'
Clair Missen, Inspiral Tutor 

'As a tutor for Inspiral Mediums I can honestly say that each time I have run a class I am always greeted with such enthusiasm from the students. Inspiral workshops are good value for money and lots of fun.'
Debbie Dean, Inspiral Tutor 

'We all enjoyed ourselves last night (Magick Circle) Dom was awesome. He has the energy of a great teacher and makes you want to listen to what he has to say - very knowledgeable'
Westley, Client

'I have been lucky enough to have been teaching for Inspiral for around three years. I teach all levels as well as Healing workshops and Angel Card days. I love the ethos of Inspiral and the fact that we can run workshops at a very reasonable price. I have met some wonderful people and made some good friends. Jay is very passionate about her business and will do anything to protect the good name that Inspiral have built up over the years. Jay is constantly working and always has a third eye out *(excuse the pun) looking for a different angle and new and exciting projects to bring to the client. As well as all this, Jay is very approachable and is always on the end of the phone. In the three years I have been working there I can never recall a price increase, and the energy is fantastic. I feel there is a lot more to come as well as some exciting new workshops and circles. I'm glad to be a little part of the Inspiral Mediums family...'
Paul Miles, Inspiral Tutor