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Tickets are now on sale to see the tremendously popular Debs Kiely in an evening of mediumship in Grays. Just £10, book now to enjoy a great evening with us ! 

We are now taking bookings with Inspiral Therapies to qualify in Swedish Massage ! This is a popular therapy, bringing all the major massage movements into play. With Denise Arnold 

We have spaces on a new "Beginners" circle taught by Anita Panayiotis.

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3rd July sees us working with the fantastic Debs Kiely- during the day, a great workshop on delivering 1-2-1s, and in the evening a public demonstration of mediumship. Search for Debs in the main search facility for more ,

Tuesday 8th of June

I have spaces left to study on Saturday with top UK medium, Natalie Walker as she teaches how to live an Authentic Life. For more detail search for her on our website main page ! 



R. Some great ideas for you to obtain qualifications to set you up in business ! 

Courtesy of Denise Arnold and Inspiral Therapists !

Swedish Massage. Only 2 spaces left at our training school in Romford. Swedish Massage is the ultimate in massage therapy. Introducing you to all the classic movements, it can be seen as The One Stop Shop ! 
Price £150
19th of June 

Mani - Pedi

Classic manicure and pedicure, this qualification class teaches all aspects of this "natural nails" treatment. Both men and women benefit from it,  gaining neat today nails and cuticles. 
Again, this is at our Romford Training School. 
Price £

Date 3rd of July 


Thursday the 10th of June

Rahanni Teachers Level. Rahanni is a beautiful healing modality utilising the angels and energy of unicorns. It lends itself beautifully to become a teaching tool, so take your Teacher Level with Inspiral and Paul Miles.
Saturday 26th of June - £100.00 

ZenTangles and Magical Power !

This is a great arty workshop with Inspiral's Jay Gage, where you will learn to turn your doodles into significant tools to help you to overcome negativity and bad fortune. No artistic experience needed, don't forget these are doodles !  Equally no magical knowledge needed, in many ways you will find it easier without !

Saturday 26th of June - £35

Drawing Spirit Guides !

How exciting to commit your (or a friends) Spirit Guides to paper !  This is where Jay will teach you to "zone in" to the energy of these blessed ones, and with their permission, draw them for posterity. This is a lovely way to spend a Friday evening, so check it out on the site and book NOW !

Friday 23rd of June 

Price £35