privacy policy

We’ve made some changes at Inspiral regarding how we collect and store private information regarding you, our clients. Your data is in safe hands. 

We take your privacy seriously which is why we have made some changes and updates to our Privacy Policy, which tells you how we use your data, how we store it, and how we keep it safe. 

 Thanks again for being valuable Tribe members, whether currently using our services, or still yet now to do so. There is nothing you now need to do. We will continue to keep you updated with events, courses etc. As a reminder, if you wish to review the manner in which we hold information on you, or to request no further marketing, please do contact us via email to [email protected] 

Thank you!


Inspiral / Inspiral Mediums / Inspiral Healing are referred to in this policy as ‘we’, ‘our’, and ‘us’. We are the data controller of any information provided to us via our websites, mobile phone applications, or social media pages. Why We Collect Your Data : We recognise the need to treat any customer data in an appropriate and lawful manner, and only collect and process the data on the basis of contract, and legitimate interests. We collect data about you for the purpose of fulfilling our duties of any contract made by us when receiving an order placed by you, the customer. We do not collect your data for the purpose of providing it to any third party. What Personal Information Do We Collect From You ? : For the purpose of completing our obligations in processing your order, we will need to collect some personal information from you. Personal Information are any identifiable details supplied to us that mean we can identify you either directly, or indirectly. This can be anything from an order number to specific information, such as your address details, or telephone number. Details of when data is collected are listed below: • When placing an order on the Inspiral websites, or mobile application • When setting up an account on the Inspiral website • Subscribing to our newsletter, marketing campaigns, or other promotions • When entering any prize draws, or competitions • Filling in any forms on any of our sites, mobile application, or at events • Communicating with our social media pages, in the form of comments, or uploads of photographs, or use of campaign hashtags • Communicating with us via email, telephone, or by writing to us Data that may be captured about you could include, but is not limited to the following: • Name • Full Address including Postcode • Email • Telephone Numbers • Date of Birth • Medical History , Password • Payment Details We may also record technical information about the device/provider details used to access our sites, including your IP address, location, and operating system details. Further details regarding online tracking of your use of our sites can be found in our Cookie Policy. If you are placing an order with us, we will require payment details unless you pay with a payment service provider such as Amazon, or PayPal. Any payment information provided will be captured securely by the third party provider. Any required information is indicated by an asterisk. You do not have to provide this information to us, but this will mean we will be unable to process your request, and fulfil our obligations to you under the contract of sale. How We Use Your Information : • For us to handle your bookings, and to process any payments and refunds, including the sharing of your data to any third-parties involved in the processes of your booking. • To provide updates for bookings placed, including any changes regarding date, venue etc. • To contact you in regards to any communication sent to us • Keeping your contact details up to date • Management of your online account • To detect and prevent possible fraud, or abuse on our site • To send you details of marketing campaigns, news about our events, competitions, or promotions that may interest you, providing we have received your consent to do so • To personalise your experience across our platforms, i.e. providing targeted suggestions for you online based on your previous use of our website • When processing any competition, or prize draw entry (If any other purposes for processing your data are required, these will be detailed in any Terms and Conditions supplied in association with the competition at entry) Is Your Data Shared ? : We will not disclose information about our customers to third parties except where it is a necessary part of providing a service to you - e.g. arranging for a manual or certificate to be sent to you. These may include, but are not limited to: • Tutors • Business partners Any information disclosed to us that is shared with any of our third-parties affiliations, or business partners will be limited to only the data needed to carry out instructions to complete your orders, or booking of your workshop/event. Your Consent : If you give your consent for marketing communications, or sign up to receive our newsletter, we will keep you informed by email, or via other electronic means, such as notifications via our social media about our products and services. We will not share any of the personal information you provide to us, to any third party without your permission, unless otherwise stated in this privacy policy, for the purpose of completing your booking. You can withdraw your consent at any time, and ask us not to continue processing your personal information. To opt-out of any communications from us, or data processing you can: • Unsubscribe by following the link provided on communications you receive • By choosing not to opt-in for marketing communications when processing any order • By contacting us via email or social media to advise us of this situation Any requests made to unsubscribe from our communications will be processed as soon as possible, but may take a few days. How Your Details Are Protected : Across all of our trading opportunities, we use security measures to ensure your personal information is protected. We will not transfer personal data we have collected from you to any third party data processors How Long Is Your Personal Information Held For ? : Any personal information given by you to us is stored securely within our databases, for the purposes of us providing you with an account facility with Inspiral, and additionally a health check for clients using us for healing. Your information will be retained for the duration of your account remaining open. You can at any time, request we stop processing your data, and request we delete information we hold, in accordance with your rights. However, any data that must be retained for legal purposes cannot be deleted but will be anonymised, and retained for only the period specified legally as requirement. After this time, any remaining data will be deleted. What You Can Do With Personal Information We Hold About You : You can, at any time, contact us in relation to the personal information we hold about you. You have a right to ask us to do any of the following in relation to your personal information: • Update the personal information we hold about you • Have any inaccurate information corrected • Restrict the processing of your personal information for any other purposes other than processing your order • Object to any use that constitutes profiling, or automatic decisions made by us on your behalf • A copy of the personal information we hold about you • Have a copy of your data transferred to be provided to another company, either to you, or directly to the company you wish to transfer the data to If you wish to update, or verify the details you have submitted to Inspiral, or request a copy of your details that we hold, you may do so by logging into your account, contacting us via our Facebook page or by text 07908 632092, or writing to us at the address given below: Inspiral Belmont Hall Parker Rd Grays United Kingdom Our security procedures mean that we may request proof of identity before we reveal any information. This proof of identity could take the form of any personal data provided to us upon registration of your account. We would suggest that you do not use the browser's password memory function as that would permit other people using your terminal to access your personal information. If you have any concerns regarding how we handle and process your details, you can contact us again using the information above.