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August has been an exciting month thus far !  Let's tell you about our latest news ! 

One of our most talented Tutors is returning to Inspiral. Yes, Debs Kiely is coming back to us with a fantastic all day Masterclass for you. The beauty of this course is that it is suitable for all levels - right from Beginners up to Working Mediums. Debs has something to teach you all ! 

The focus of the day is Evidence. You will discover how to really sharpen and hone the evidence you are being given, to make it incredibly relevant and spot on for your recipient. 
A message without evidence can often be a bit wishy washy, with your sitter left wanting more. But with the skills you will learn at this class, that will become a thing of the past, and you will be able to really make your mark as a medium.

This Masterclass can be booked here on the website - just type "Debs" into the search field. It is very reasonably priced at £30 for the day,

See you there, and get that evidence under your belt ! 

Inspiral Therapies

Also we are once again offering our Reiki training. This training was one of the first Inspiral Therapies courses, way back in 2014 ! 
We have always been very fairly priced with our Reiki, which is now offered at just £80 for levels 1 & 2. 

Reiki is a beautiful healing modality, which is known worldwide as one of the most recognisable forms of therapy.

It works via the energy drawn via attunements which are given to you by your tutor, and provides impressive amounts of healing and relieving of pain. Many Reiki clients become regulars,  and the professionalism and comprehension of our Tutors is second to none.

Book now, by putting "Reiki" into the search on our bookings page for all details ! 

Mani/Pedi - our latest addition ! 

Inspiral Therapies are excited to launch the first in a series of beauty based Qualification courses for you.

All women like to have well kept nails. Our Manicure/ Pedicure Qualification works on natural nails, and covers all aspects of treatment of beautiful hands and feet.

You will learn how to correctly file and shape nails, deal with cuticles, buff and paint nails and more. Your client will love the results, and you will love the course.

To find out more and book, enter "mani/pedi" in the bookings search tab !

Enjoy ! 

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