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Welcome to the new Inspiral website, and our first blog !


As you can see, we have had a bit of a facelift recently, some of you will have seen the new logo, which we are gradually moving across all our advertising, and of course you are now looking at our rather gorgeous new website ! We are really excited by this, as it means you can now view absolutely everything we have planned, and book and pay online - even getting reminder e-mails for your installments if you opt for easy pay - as they say - simples !
The logo and website are, however, almost the least of the wave of amazing things that have happened for Inspiral over recent months ! Completely driven by Spirit, we have come such a long way since that first hour of EFT training two years ago !
As most of you know, Chris Leverett of The Enchanted Grove has joined Inspiral, creating with Jay a formidable combination of energy and ideas, and we now have a whole new company up and running - Inspiral Journeys, who will be running short breaks, retreats and spiritual holidays, starting with our day trip to Glastonbury and weekend there for Halloween next year - exciting days !
On top of this, we are of course carrying on running our classes and workshops in Grays, our spiritual heart, but are also expanding into Herts, Tiptree, and next year, Kent ! So much for you to do - so get Inspired !
Finally, I'd like to highlight the fantastic healer training we offer. We don't believe in making a profit from training healers, so have been saving you hundreds of pounds on Reiki, Rahnni and Reikara training, and the most rewarding thing has been seeing some of you setting up your own small businesses as a result - we cant tell you how proud we are of you, and of our amazing healer trainers, Paul and Clair.
However, none of this would have been possible without that one special ingredient - you ! We love our clients - you are a fantastic bunch of people, who completely encompass what Inspiral is about, and its great to see you all developing and learning - we are incredibly proud of you all. Its great to walk into a workshop or event, and feel such a warm and friendly vibe - thank you all SOOO much for coming along !
And on a personal level, I'm being made aware that I cant end this first blog without acknowledging my own inspiration - Paula Monk - who went Home last year, but still attends so many of our events like the whirlwind she always was. I was going to acknowledge my guide, Brian, here but he says its more important to say that we all love you Lovearts - so - everyone - lets Be Inspired.
Jay xxx


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