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  1. Given the current Pandemic, Covid 19, it has been necessary to make some significant changes in the way both Inspiral and The Haven are working with you all.

    We take our responsibility to you very seriously, and to this end, our key staff have taken qualifications in Covid Prevention and Management. Inspiral has taken a very interesting step - that of running several courses and workshops online. This has been very well received, and is something we intend to keep in place once this Pandemic has passed. You can find full details on online courses on our website.

    The Haven has also been keeping our profile in your minds eye, providing online services on alternate Sundays, with some lovely mediums ! Again, this is so popular, that we intend to continue these on alternate Wednesdays once The Haven reopens it's doors.

    Of course, The Haven is possibly one of the most complex areas to organise, given the guidelines set down by the Government and local Council.

    We decided to book seats in advance, to reduce the chance of people turning up on the night and being disappointed to be turned away. This was the right decision to make, as we have sold out every week, when open. In addition to advance booking, we are asking visitors to bring along a mask or face covering, provide their own refreshments, as we will not be opening our kitchen until advised otherwise, and to bring the correct money for raffles and readings.

    Of course, it's all early days, but is also a very exciting time, as we are learning the flexibility needed to take in new ideas and processes.

    We have already discovered the benefit of working with you online, so keep your eyes open for lots of other exciting processes and events.

    Thankyou for your support, and see you soon !